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> Greg Cockburn wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> the company I work for has an aging Digital PBX attached to an E1.
>> This PBX has a few analogue lines, one of which we use a 'traditional'
>> fax machine on.
>> I want to upgrade our PBX and Asterisk is almost a perfect fit.
>> The only problem I can't seem to find a working solution for is Faxing.
>> I don't want to use Hylafax or other similar methodologies.
>> I believe there maybe someway to bridge an Analogue FXS port to a
>> channel on the E1?
>> Basically I want to mimic what we have now.
>> 1. Any person can send a fax using the fax machine, and the PBX picks
>> the next free channel on the E1.
>> 2. A fax call can come over any channel on the E1, and the dialed number
>> is matched and sent to the analogue FXS port of the PBX to be received
>> by the fax machine.
>> Is there anyway I can do this in Asterisk that will work seamlessly?
>> I have not yet purchased any hardware, so recommendations would be
>> greatly appreciated.
>> (I believe some of the problem exists due to timing, does any hardware;
>> E1 card / Analogue card; support linking a timing signal together?)
>> Sangoma, Digium, Pika?
>> Thanks all for any help on this one.
>> Greg.
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> Greg,
> There are alot of option for handeling faxes. One is to use iaxmodem and
> hylafax. This option works the best. You can try to use an analog
> adapter or card to connect a conventional fax to but this is not allways
> reliable. I have spent alot of time working on faxing with asterisk. If
> you need any help you can email me and I will send the links and scripts
> that I have to help you in your setup. FYI, They are all for RH/CentOS.
> Hardware, how many phone and trunks do you plan on using? Digium cards
> for analog phone's and faxes work very well, linksys makes very good
> ATA's too. Digium or Sangoma T1 cards are the most suppoted that I have
> seen. but there are others.
> OS, there are alot of different *nix OS's that are out there. Pick the
> one that you are the most comfortable to use. Asterisk was developed on
> RedHat though. Depending on your needs for support I would suggest
> either EL4 or CentOS4 with Asterisk 1.2. There are alot of people
> running 1.4 in production but the commercaial version of Asterisk is
> still on 1.2

Do you mind posting a link to those CentOS scripts here ?



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