[asterisk-users] ODBC connection to Microsoft SQL Server

Robert McNaught robert.mcnaught at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 18:14:57 CST 2007


I wish to integrate a Microsoft SQL server with Asterisk for CDRs and
for dialplan routing based on database values, and have this application
scale to a large number of simultaneous calls:  The Asterisk: The Future
of Telephony 2nd edition book states that:

‡ The pooling and limit options are quite useful for MS SQL Server and
Sybase databases. These permit you
  to establish multiple connections (up to limit connections) to a
database while ensuring that each connection
  has only one statement executing at once (this is due to a limitation
in the protocol used by these database

Does this suggest any kind of performance issue with scaling?  I am
assuming not as all this indicates is that DB queries are pooled from
the ODBC connection on the Asterisk Server side rather than the SQL
Server?  Has anyone done this before in a large implementation?

Any advice appreciated.


Robert McNaught

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