[asterisk-users] mpg123 on Thecus N2100

Eric "ManxPower" Wieling eric at fnords.org
Sat Nov 10 13:40:23 CST 2007

Thomas Winter wrote:
> Hi,
> Iam running debian etch on thecus n2100 (Xscale 80219)
> I do not have MoH because standard mpg123 gives only loud noise.
> I can not compile mpg123 from asterisk because of option -m486.
> Any way to get MoH running on this board.

What version of Asterisk?

Asterisk 1.0.x MoH requires mpg123 v0.59r.

Asterisk 1.2.x does not support MP3 MoH without mpg123 0.59r or MP3 
support from asterisk-addons.  Non-MP3 MoH is supported without any 
additional software.  Same goes for Asterisk 1.4.x.

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