[asterisk-users] Asterisk on Zonbu, impact of transcoding

JR Richardson jmr.richardson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 10:13:07 CST 2007

> I'm impressed with how much load this box handled and the impact of
> eliminating the transcoding.
> Thanks in advance,
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Thank you very much for the analysis.  This would be great to add to the
wiki under dimensioning or server hardware (I forget my login and it's not
on the sticky note under my keyboard).

I have some experience with VIA embedded devices and running Asterisk on
them, and you are correct with the transcoding, do as little as possible, as
it eats up CPU.  The price on this device is a bit under what you could
build the unit for, so all-in-all Zonbu looks like a good deal.  I'm sure
they are getting volume discounts from their suppliers.  Zonbu running
AstLinux would make for a SOHO SMB SIP PBX market killer.  Hmmmmm very
interesting........says the mad scientist.

JR Richardson
Engineering for the Masses

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