[asterisk-users] 'Traditional' Faxing

Greg Cockburn gergnz at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 06:34:44 CST 2007

Hi all,

the company I work for has an aging Digital PBX attached to an E1.

This PBX has a few analogue lines, one of which we use a 'traditional' fax
machine on.

I want to upgrade our PBX and Asterisk is almost a perfect fit.

The only problem I can't seem to find a working solution for is Faxing.

I don't want to use Hylafax or other similar methodologies.

I believe there maybe someway to bridge an Analogue FXS port to a channel on
the E1?

Basically I want to mimic what we have now.

1. Any person can send a fax using the fax machine, and the PBX picks the
next free channel on the E1.

2. A fax call can come over any channel on the E1, and the dialed number is
matched and sent to the analogue FXS port of the PBX to be received by the
fax machine.

Is there anyway I can do this in Asterisk that will work seamlessly?

I have not yet purchased any hardware, so recommendations would be greatly
(I believe some of the problem exists due to timing, does any hardware; E1
card / Analogue card; support linking a timing signal together?)
Sangoma, Digium, Pika?

Thanks all for any help on this one.
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