[asterisk-users] PHP - Queues - etc.

Marcelo Freitas marcelo at conexaocentral.com.br
Sat Nov 10 02:13:16 CST 2007


I'm trying to understand the AMI and use the PHPAGI library to extend and to easy my work ...

I'm still trying to figure out how things works, but I haven't found enough resources to make me sure about certain things ...

So, I'd like to know if somebody can give me a hand .... ;)

My calls are answered almost instantly by an IVR and puts the call on a queue to wait for the next available representative. As sometimes the callers doesn't have the patience to wait a little bit, they hangup ... So, I'd like to find out how I can know which calls were not answered in the queue.
I currently have my CDRs in a csv, but I'll be storing it in a MySQL database, and I was looking at it .. and there is no difference .... all calls are marked as answered ...
I was also trying to find more documentation about manager events to know if there is a difference on the code for the hangup event ... But I couldn't find much documentation about those events

Thanks in advance for your help,

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