[asterisk-users] Wanted: tutorial on troubleshooting SIP issues

Eric Chamberlain eric at voxilla.com
Fri Nov 9 09:28:17 CST 2007

The NOTIFY packets are most likely keepalive packets from the SPA942 to the Asterisk server.  In a NATed WAN environment they are used to keep the firewall ports open.

In your LAN situation, you can turn them off.  The NAT keepalive is configured on a per extension basis.  To turn them off, log into the administrative interface on the SPA942 and go to each Ext tab.  On each Ext tab, there will be a NAT Settings section, change the NAT Keep Alive Enable to No.

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> For someone that's network-aware, but hasn't sat down and plowed through
> umpteen SIP-related RFC's and memorized the standards, is there a good
> primer on troubleshooting SIP issues?
> I'm seeing a lot of NOTIFY/603 messages on my network between Asterisk
> and my Sipura 942's, for instance...
> Not sure what these are...  perhaps the qualify keepalives?  In which
> case, I guess the 603 is moot...  but since the messages are originating
> from the Sipuras to Asterisk and not vice-versa, it wouldn't seem to be
> the "qualify"...  Next guess would be that they're NAT keepalives, but
> Asterisk and the phones are on the same private subnet (which in turn
> *is* NATted)...
> Anyway, pointers for someone wanting to learn to quickly diagnose SIP
> conversations would be great.
> Thanks,
> -Philip
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