[asterisk-users] DeStar finalist in Les Trophées du Libre 2007

Juan Manuel juan.m.coronado at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 22:06:03 CST 2007

DeStar [1], a web configuration tool for Asterisk[2] currently sponsored by
Avatar Ltd.[3], has been chosen as a finalist[4] project on the fourth anual
edition of the free software contest «Les Trophées du Libre»[5].

DeStar is one of the 3 finalist projects on the company management software
category, where it was chosen over other 38 projects [5].

Final jury debate will be held at 29th November in château de Villeneuve
Saint-Germain, Soissons [6].

The Destar Team.

[1] http://destar.berlios.de
[2] http://www.asterisk.org
[3] http://www.avatar.com.co
[4] http://www.tropheesdulibre.org/+Finalists-projects+.html?lang=en
[5] http://www.tropheesdulibre.org/?lang=en
[6] http://www.tropheesdulibre.org/-Categorie-Entreprise-.html?lang=en
[7] http://www.tropheesdulibre.org/+Place-for-the-prize-ceremony+.html
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