[asterisk-users] Autodialing

Dovid B asteriskusers at dovid.net
Wed Nov 7 15:55:15 CST 2007

I have done some thing similar the past with .call files. I had a mysql db 
set up with all the calls that needed to go out and the times they needed to 
go out. I had several asterisk servers that would poll the data base once a 
minute to see if any calls needed to go out at that minute. It would grab 
the information and create a call that would go to a certain context that 
set the start time of the call as well as many other bits of data in to 
variables. I then had a php agi that would place the call. Upon hang up I 
had a php agi that would update the db on the call.

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> hi,all
> I want make Autodialer in c++ using Asterisk Mangager Interfase;
> how to syncronize originate action i.e. at a time one call made and
> this time asterisk wait for some second to generate new call.
> thnks in advance.
> Bhrugu Mehta (SAI INFO SYSTEM)
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