[asterisk-users] Determination of billsec

Doug Doug at NaTel.net
Wed Nov 7 11:31:00 CST 2007

At 02:47 11/7/2007, CSB wrote:
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>How is the billsec field calculated in CDRs?
>I have a situation where billsec is being reported as 0 despite the 
>call being answered and a conversation occurring. An example record follows:
>'2007-11-06 21:36:50', '6495566778', '6495566778', '0116495566778', 
>'1100012_1', 'Local/0116495566778 at 1100012_1-887b,2', 
>'SIP/', 'Dial', 
>'SIP/0116495566778 at||hH', 10, 0, 'ANSWERED', 3, '', 
>'1194338210.61', ''

Where did you get this CDR?  CDRs should look more


clid            Caller ID
src             Source
dst             Destination
dcontext        Destination context
channel         Channel name
dstchannel      Destination channel
lastapp         Last app executed
lastdata        Last app's arguments
start           Time the call started.
answer          Time the call was answered.
end             Time the call ended.
duration        Duration of the call.
billsec         Duration of the call once it was answered.
disposition     ANSWERED, NO ANSWER, BUSY
amaflags        DOCUMENTATION, BILL, IGNORE etc
accountcode     The channel's account code.
uniqueid        The channel's unique id.
userfield       The channels uses specified field.

A call can ring for 10 seconds, then be answered and
hung up on (or dropped for some reason), and end up
having billable seconds of zero.

Where in this CDR is there evidence of a conversation
having taken place?  A "conversation" would at least
be 15-30 seconds:


   "Yeah, It's me--Dave.  I got the stuff, man."


   "Yeah.  'Dave'.  It's me."

   "Dave's not here."  Click.

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