[asterisk-users] Mystery phone!

Jim Houser jhouser at trustamerifirst.com
Tue Nov 6 16:35:08 CST 2007

We are in need of an IAX based hard phone.  

We have used softphones and USB headsets already and they are greatly
affected by the other software running on the Windooz laptops and PCs of our

Does anyone know where we can go to find IAX based hard phones in the US?  
The one on this link looks very nice.


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Kyle Sexton a écrit :
> Does anyone know who really makes this phone:
> http://www.hybsys.bg/Products/VoIP/IP/Phones/5000/
Not so mysterious: we import those phones in Europe ;-) POE, 5 accounts, SIP
and IAX able, nice audio Good product.


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