[asterisk-users] Everyone is busy/congested: IP Trunk

Baji Panchumarti baji.panchumarti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 11:26:46 CST 2007

 after a copious loss of follicles :-), I finally got outbound working.

 Basically the channel statement in the call file needs to have the
 number to be called. For eg., in  test.call  format the statement
 as follows :

    Channel: SIP/3012345678@<your-sip-provider>

 And there is no need for a DIAL statement in extensions.conf
 unless you need to dial an additional number / extension.

 Then in sip.conf you need a para that matches <your-sip-provider>
 with the relevant auth info.

 These two wiki pages, they were very helpful in figuring out a
 solution to the problem :






  On Oct 30, 2007 8:43 AM, Gabriel Natale  wrote:

> I have the same problem.
> I trying with more 4 SIP providers, the account is registering, receive
> inboud calls, but can`t make outbound calls for "congestion".
> Can be the out call id the problem?
> Thanks
> Gabriel

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