[asterisk-users] Recording just first part of call?

Martin Smith martins at bebr.ufl.edu
Tue Nov 6 07:58:56 CST 2007

If you're up to using the Manager interface and your programming
language of choice, you could poll the list of active calls and stop
recording when their duration exceeds a minute. According to my docs,
res/res_monitor.c implements manager commands that could be used to halt
current recordings.

The Asterisk-Java library has a "StatusAction" and "StopMonitorAction,"
if Java is a language candidate for an application you might write.

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> Subject: [asterisk-users] Recording just first part of call?
> I know that I can record the contents of a call by calling Monitor()
> or MixMonitor() from the dialplan just before invoking Dial().
> I have a potential customer who wants only the first minute of each
> call recorded (for identification purposes, without the 
> storage overhead
> of keeping the complete call).
> Can anyone here think of the easiest way to do this? The only 
> possibilities
> I can think of are:
> a) Add a new option to Monitor() or MixMonitor() to stop 
> recording after
> a specified length of time.
> b) Record the whole call and post-process the recording file 
> to discard
> all except the required first part.
> Any better ideas?
> Thanks in advance!
> Tony
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