[asterisk-users] 7960 Queue Issue

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Sun Nov 4 20:08:45 CST 2007

Have you tried the ringinuse option?  This will not ring phones if they are busy.
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Morning All,

Quick question that has me stumped. Have a queue with several members
(Statically defined in queues.conf at this stage for testing) who use Cisco

The queue is configured to use rrmemory and generally this works correctly.
However if a member is already on a call their phone will still ring (The
7960 can show multiple incoming calls for one line). I really don't want
members who are on calls to get more calls. Especially when we start logging
out members who don't answer.

Asterisk shows;
    -- Called 1014
    -- SIP/1014-08f2e4d0 is ringing
    -- Local/1014 at queuestations-e3e2;1 is ringing
    -- Nobody picked up in 15000 ms

Short of disabling the feature to show multiple incoming calls on the 7960's
(Which I don't know if it can be done anyway), has anyone got any

Thanks in advance!


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