[asterisk-users] Polycom Park Button

Lorentz Hinrichsen lorentz.wulf at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 07:24:53 CDT 2007

It definitely isn't directly supported, however you can sort of make it work
- found these two gems using the goog -

exten =>

Re: [asterisk-users] Polycom Call Parking

Mojo with Horan & Company, LLC
Thu, 05 Oct 2006 13:48:00 -0700
 I had some problems with this, because DIALEDPEERNUMBER held the number I
dialed, not my number. I needed (of course) to be notified of the parking
slot at MY number. I used BRIDGPEER instead: exten =>
PROTECTED]|incoming,s,1) This works for me because all of our extensions are
three digit, beginning with 1 (110, 112, 113 etc). Because we have it set up
so that if you change the first digit to a 4 (410, 412, 413, etc) for
the Polycom's
auto-answer feature, this is more exactly what I did: exten =>

Works great!

On 11/2/07, Kyle Sexton <ks at mocker.org> wrote:
> Kelly Opal <kelly at eriecoast.com> writes:
> > Hi
> >       I have a Polycom 501 phone. I set the park feature to 1 in sip.cfgand
> > the button shows up just fine. However when you press it it does
> > nothing. I have the t and T in the dial string. Is there some trick to
> > getting it to work with asterisk 1.4.
> >
> Don't think this is possible w/ Asterisk.  Here's a link to a Trixbox
> thread about it (short and sweet).
> http://www.trixbox.org/forums/trixbox-forums/trixbox-endpoints/polycom-park-soft-key
> I'd love to be wrong though!
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