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Alex Epshteyn listuser at thirdlane.com
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Hi Dean,


I would be happy to get your feedback and feature suggestions regarding the
user portal. I don't dislike what we have now, but there is no doubt that it
can be improved. You can see a demo on our website -
http://www.thirdlane.com/products/pbxmanager-be/demo  - you have to login as
end-user for one of the existing extensions or create your own.  Feel free
to contact me off list, or call me at 1 415 721 7717 (I am in California).


Best regards,



Alex Epshteyn

Third Lane Technologies, LLC





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Nice - I like where it's heading, finally someone came up with a half decent
looking UI for a User Portal (though not perfect)


I've consulted to 3 different companies about User Portals and not a single
one has implemented anything near what it should look like.


I just don't get why Asterisk product designers don't talk hire proper UI
consultants to build the right solution.


That's what you get for being cheap, all the pieces available and still no






Dean Collins

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> Alex Epshteyn wrote:


> I came across this one the other day:


> http://www.voiceone.it/index.php?synSiteLang=2


> It's GPL (Important to me!) and it looks very slick. It also has a

> "user" interface as well as an "admin" interface. Although quite young

> from what I have seen of it - it looks like the dogs b's.


> Al


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