[asterisk-users] Route an incoming call by ANI*DNIS

Dan Casey dcasey at debtresolve.com
Fri Nov 2 11:53:38 CDT 2007

for this t1 my settings are

I was starting to suspect that em_w didn't support ANI.. I was hoping
that this wasn't the case as the telco told me to use e&m wink.

I just went through "wink" nightmare with XO and i'm dreading repeating
it..   I'll give it a try, thanks!

BJ Weschke wrote:
> Dan Casey wrote:
>> does anyone know how to route a call coming in with ANI*DNIS*
>> Oct 31 12:47:41 VERBOSE[30056] logger.c:     -- Executing
>> Set("Zap/49-1", "DID=1231234*4812*") in new stack
>> I tried making a route for _.*4812*  but that matched everything rather
>> then just the dnis i wanted..  any ideas?
>> I would preferably like pass the callerid along to my extensions, but
>> for now the important thing is routing.
>  This shouldn't be necessary. I think with the correct signaling set in 
> zaptel.conf, chan_zap should be doing the parsing work for you. What 
> signaling are you set for now? You might want Feature Group D vs. EM_Wink?
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