[asterisk-users] libpri & tie line vs trunk

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Thu Nov 1 11:57:53 CDT 2007

We are connecting an asterisk box to a Nortel Option 61 via a T1 with PRI.
We have hit a problem we cannot overcome; specifically, the Nortel is asking
for the ROSE information element (IE) over the PRI connection.  This causes
libpri to drop the connection, with cause 100.  The Nortel cannot "turn off"
asking for ROSE.
Since our Nortel box does not support QSIG (too old), we have to stick with
"dms100" switchtype in zapata.  (If that's wrong please tell me).  
So, the only thing left we can change is using a trunk instead of a tie line
(current setup), to connect the PBX's.  Would using a trunk avoid the PBX
sending the ROSE IE request?  Do tie lines somehow imply Nortel-to-Nortel
(is that why the Nortel is asking for ROSE)?
Any other options?  Is changing the libpri code to ignore the ROSE request
I would greatly appreciate any help I can get!  
Many thanks!
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