[asterisk-users] Druid

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 04:07:16 CDT 2007

Alex Epshteyn wrote:
> Dean,
> If you are looking for a non-restricting and extensible Asterisk GUI 
> please look at Thirdlane http://www.thirdlane.com 
> <http://www.thirdlane.com/>. If you are comfortable installing OS, 
> Webmin and Asterisk, I would suggest installing PBX Manager GUI 
> (packaged as a Webmin module), otherwise Thirdlane Advantage (CentOS 
> based ISO) may be a good option.  

I came across this one the other day:


It's GPL (Important to me!) and it looks very slick. It also has a 
"user" interface as well as an "admin" interface. Although quite young 
from what I have seen of it - it looks like the dogs b's.


The way out is open!

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