[asterisk-users] Re: Asterisknow with video and X-Lite not quite working

Benedikt Franz benediktfranz at gmx.de
Wed Mar 14 00:14:23 MST 2007

Hi Dave,

yes, Audio is fine, but no video. And as far as I can see, X-Lite (running 3.0 build 34025 here, all Clients have exactly the same version) supports only the h.263 and h.263p video codecs. But I am not quite sure if I enabled these codecs properly. For *now, I have put the allow-lines into the users.conf, for instance, heres my setup (I cencored out email and secret):

fullname = Benedikt Franz
secret = ...
email = ...
cid_number = 6510
zapchan = 
context = numberplan-custom-1
hasvoicemail = yes
hasdirectory = yes
hassip = yes
hasiax = yes
hasmanager = yes
callwaiting = yes
threewaycalling = yes
mailbox = 6510
hasagent = no
group = 
host = dynamic
registersip = yes
registeriax = yes
allow = h263
allow = h263p
canreinvite = yes

I am not sure if that is a NAT problem, since all users are either on the local area network, or connected through VPN (I have not tested video with those yet, though), however, I will try that.
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