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rp at raha.cc rp at raha.cc
Fri Jul 27 01:29:07 CDT 2007

Hello Marco,

On 7/27/07, Marco Mouta <marco.mouta at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
> The VoiceMail<http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/index.php?page=Asterisk+cmd+voicemail2>application uses
> */usr/sbin/sendmail* to mail voicemail messages to users. This can be any
> sendmail-compatible MTA. In practice you can use Sendmail<http://sendmail.org/>,
> Postfix <http://postfix.org/>, Exim <http://www.exim.org/> or any other
> MTA <http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/edit.php?page=Asterisk+voicemail+MTA>.
> It is recommended to use the default one that comes with your distribution.

If shall I say I'll use Exim4 here, what do I need to do then?

I would say if you just create your "own" sendmail.sh and place it
> /usr/sbin/sendmail, asterisk will execute it by default, do not forget to
> give permissions for asterisk user to execute it.

If I'll create this script, what will be its contents then?  Currently, the
/usr/sbin/sendmail is a symbolic link to /usr/sbin/exim4 for your

Please advice.

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