[asterisk-users] v1.4.x ready yet?

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Yes if Asterisk 1.2 has reached End-of-Life you would hope Digium uses

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Noah Miller wrote:
>>>> Eagerly waiting for v1.4.x to mature a bit before getting serious
>>>> it.
>>>> Is it ready for production yet?  If that's too general, where is it
>>>> terms
>>>> of stability compared to where 1.2.x is now.  Anyone running it
>>>> successfully
>>>> in production environment and if so what sort of config do you
>>> The release of 1.4.6 today had "almost 100 changes to the 1.4 tree
>>> since the last release."  That says to me that the answer is "no".
>>> wait a week or two and then check the bug tracker for outstanding
>>> (as well as the changelog) for 1.4 and then decide if I think it is
>>> worth trying to upgrade or not.  I also hang out on #asterisk IRC
>>> channel to see what sorts of problems people have with 1.4.
>>  Also it's not for nothing that there isn't ABE for 1.4.X.
> I guess it's worth mentioning that it will help the overall stability
> of 1.4.x if we all install it on test boxes and report any bugs we
> find.

Maybe Digium can start using 1.4.x on THEIR production boxes like the 
Digium corporate PBX and IAXTel.

Not doing so is like the city water department saying that the water is 
safe to drink, but every employee of the city water department drinking 
bottled water.

Or you could say it is like Microsoft trying to get everyone to switch 
to Vista, but not use Vista on any Microsoft servers or workstations.

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