[asterisk-users] Asterisk 1.2.14 will not run without internet connection

Steve Totaro stevetotaro at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 28 09:44:14 MST 2007

Noah Miller wrote:
> Hi Joseph -
>> Thanks, I think you are on the right track.
>> When no Sip adapters were connected to asterisk it took me over one
>> minute from the time I typed "reload" to the time I've seen anything on
>> the screen.
>> When, I connected the all the sip devices and eliminated some entries in
>> sip.conf and iax.conf it took only 22-seconds to "reload"
> Something else must be wrong.  A reload should happen nearly
> instantaneously (less than 1 second), whether or not it can find your
> sip devices.  You mentioned you're using asterisk 1.2.14.  Can you
> describe the rest of your setup (OS, Hardware)?  What asterisk modules
> and/or addon items are you using?
> - Noah

Maybe some of the following observations might help.

I have seen this when DNS is not working and there are register 
statements that use hostnames or FQDNs.  That might have been a bug that 
was fixed though.

I have also seen this on a server under very heavy load with IVR and 
queues and reload issued many times.  A stop now and asterisk would 
bring it back to full speed.  Again, this was a while ago, maybe that 
bug was fixed too.

The third time I have seen it is if you are using the manager interface 
extensively, same as before, saw that maybe a year ago, might be fixed now.


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