[asterisk-users] 7970 sip success

Zachary Whitley mail at zacharywhitley.com
Thu Apr 26 14:10:52 MST 2007

I managed to upgrade the phone to 8.2.2SR1 after renaming
jar70sip.8-2-2ES1.sbn to Jar70sip.8-2-2ES1.sbn but the phone would
continually say "Registering" and the red X next to the phone icon. The
phone would eventually time out and couldn't make incoming or outgoing
calls. Then I disabled registering with the proxy with the following
line in the config:


The "Registering" line didn't appear but the red X was still there. I
could make outgoing calls but couldn't receive them. Next I deleted the
following lines.


and changed the registerWithProxy back to true as follows:


The phone no longer got stuck with "Registering", the red X is gone, and
I can make and receive calls. I'm not sure if there are other settings
that are critical to this working but this was the last thing I tried
before it started working.

I'll post this to the wiki shortly.

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