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Alex Robar alex.robar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 07:16:18 MST 2007

Hi Erik,

Asterisk by itself does not have the ability to alter the media stream with
regards to volume. Your zap config will allow you to set rxgain and txgain
for the Austrian ISDN, but that might not suit your purposes for all other
calls that use this trunk.

I believe it was mentioned here before that this might be an interesting
application for Justin Tunney's VoiceChanger application (
http://www.lobstertech.com/code/voicechanger/ ). It's a replacement for the
dial command that alters the pitch of the media stream in real time. I
imagine that with some work, a VolumeChanger application could be written
based off of VoiceChanger.


On 4/26/07, Erik Wartusch <we at deuromedia.at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a possibility to control sound levels (higher / lower) in
> Asterisk
> (so the codecs). Somebody asked me to evaluate that but I didn`t found any
> documentation about. I have the opinion that for these (audio) things the
> end
> user client is the only part where I can tune around.
> Problem is for example a (Austria) ISDN --> Asterisk --> SIP / IP   --->
> (Romania) Asterisk ---> mobile  forward. Then the sound level is very
> low.. i
> guess thats normal for this kind of different technologies and forwards
> but
> if anybody can tell me something better where i can adjust something....
> Cheers,
> Erik
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