[asterisk-users] Random Asterisk deaths

Dave Miller justdave at mozilla.com
Thu Apr 26 01:59:45 MST 2007

Wayne Jensen wrote on 4/24/07 7:24 PM:
> Every once in a while for no apparent reason, Asterisk has been dying
> on me, dropping all calls in progress.  There's nothing in the log
> file or on the Asterisk console that indicates the reason.  Some days
> it doesn't happen at all.  Other days it happens two or three times.
> The problem began on Friday, but the last time anything was changed on
> that box was at least a week before that.
> Any suggestions on what to do/where to look to find out what's going
> on and fix the problem?

There was a security update for Asterisk released yesterday which
addresses a denial-of-service class vulnerability in which malformed SIP
packets could cause asterisk to crash.  Our server also randomly died
once on Monday morning with no apparent cause.  It's possible someone
was exploiting this.  I upgraded ours last night.

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