[asterisk-users] Too many open files, asterisk crash

Rilawich Ango maillisting at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 18:58:12 MST 2007

  Recently, I got the following error from the system and it caused
the asterisk down.
Apr 25 13:48:22 WARNING[27460] rtp.c: Unable to allocate socket: Too
many open files
Apr 25 13:48:22 WARNING[27460] acl.c: Cannot create socket

The output of ulimit is "unlimited".

I have searched about the error but there is no solution to avoid it.
Then I issue lsof in the system and I got many asterisk with pipe
output like below.
asterisk    325    root 4469r     FIFO                0,7              4474531 p
asterisk    325    root 4470r     FIFO                0,7              4473427 p
Such message of lsof will keep growing.  I think it is the reason to
reach the maximum socket opened.  According to the lsof above, I have
no idea what hold the socket and keep it growing.  Anyone can give me
some hints?

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