[asterisk-users] Asterisk Business Edition Question

shadowym shadowym at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 09:43:55 MST 2007

If you have an interest in learning a bit of Linux I would suggest looking
at Trixbox.  I would not have said that 1 year ago but it has come a long
ways since then.  Eventually as you learn more you can install your own
Linux/Asterisk/FreePBX from scratch just for the sake of being able to learn
more and have more control and less unnecessary bloat.  Trixbox seems to be
working fine for most people in production install these days though.  

There is the option to install AsteriskNow as part of the new TrixBox 2.2
release which is in final beta set to be production released very soon.
Asterisk 1.4 and AsteriskNow are still immature so I would not consider
either of them for a production install yet.  AsteriskNOW is not nearly as
full featured as FreePBX yet. They included it as an optional install in the
new Trixbox for testing.

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Can anyone in the list help me with these queries on Asterisk Business

	1. Why would anyone choose the Business Editon when the whole thing
is avalable as GPL?
	2. Is there a GUI to manage asterisk?
	3. Can it be compared with Asterisk NOW?
	4. Is the CD a complete installation package?
	5. If im looking for hiring a server on a remote location how will i
be able to install it?

If someone can guide me on it, that would be great. Also i would like the
users to share a bit on their experiences with it.

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