[asterisk-users] Asterisk & Pix firewalls

J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Wed Apr 25 04:11:38 MST 2007

Olivier wrote:
> With SIP fixup, would you say usual firewall traversal issues are 
> solved so that for instance, you can connect home workers to 
> enterprise PBX ?
> regards
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No. SIP fixup doesn't always solve the issues. One of the things I've 
noticed with home users is they're almost always behind a router that 
has its own firewall and that firewall is almost never configured 
properly. Create a how to for those workers and if possible, have that 
user isolate their phone to a DMZ if possible. Also depending on your 
internal networking, remember NAT + Certain VoIP phones (Polycom!) = 

Whenever possible while dealing with Asterisk, I personally try to lock 
down the machine and place it in a DMZ so home workers won't have to 
deal with DMZ's, NAT, and other terms that will leave them like a deer 
in a headlight. This varies according to the client though, since I deal 
with managed PBX's its also easier for me to administrate then it would 
be for me to have to wait for someone on their IT side to punch a hole 
in their network to let me in solely to add an extension or clear 
someone's voicemail. (So... Results may vary).

I've recently had a client who had three or four remote locations with a 
PIX in each location doing VPN's. PIX's fixup did little and I ended up 
having to butcher up rules to get things to work properly.

J. Oquendo
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