[asterisk-users] Re: agi timeout......clarification

JR Richardson jmr.richardson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 20:45:50 MST 2007

n 4/24/07, JR Richardson <jmr.richardson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there a way to specify a time-out option when you call an AGI
> command from the dialplan?
> If my AGI fails or doesn't get a response, the call drops, not good.

I'm running asterisk 1.2 and calling a fast agi script

exten => s,1,Agi(agi://website.com/script.agi?user=${EXTEN}&number=${CALLERID(number)})
exten => s,2,,Goto(${MACRO_CONTEXT}|${MACRO_EXTEN}|5)

If, for some reason the, website.com cannot be contacted, is off-line,
the call drops.  The call does not go to the next exten => s,2

The wiki talks about setting a failure variable and using a GotoIf
statement but this required contacting the agi server successfully,
just not getting a good response.  What happens if you cannot contact
the server in the first place?  From what I see the call drops, does
not go to the next extension.

Is there any way to remedy this behavior and send the call to the next exten?



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