[asterisk-users] Missing "dialplan" commands in Asterisk 1.4.2 CLI

Eric "ManxPower" Wieling eric at fnords.org
Mon Apr 23 15:17:55 MST 2007

Carlos Chavez wrote:
> 	I installed Asterisk 1.4.2 on a CentOS 4.4 machine.  Everything works
> but I noticed that I am missing most of the dialplan CLI commands:
> pbxskandiamty2*CLI> help dialplan
>             dialplan show  Show dialplan
> pbxskandiamty2*CLI> 
> 	On another machine I have in my office (running FC4) there are a lot
> more dialplan commands:
> pbxoficina*CLI> help dialplan
>    dialplan add extension  Add new extension into context
>    dialplan add ignorepat  Add new ignore pattern
>      dialplan add include  Include context in other context
>           dialplan reload  Reload extensions and *only* extensions
> dialplan remove extension  Remove a specified extension
> dialplan remove ignorepat  Remove ignore pattern from context
>   dialplan remove include  Remove a specified include from context
>             dialplan save  Save dialplan
>             dialplan show  Show dialplan
> pbxoficina*CLI> 
> 	Why would those commands be missing?  Is there a library that CentOS
> 4.4 does not have that gives this functionality.  Obviously I need at
> least the "dialplan reload" command.

perhaps you have writeprotect=yes in extensions.conf

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