[asterisk-users] Crackly Prompts but Voice OK

Jonathan Barratt jonathan at openface.ca
Mon Apr 23 13:49:14 MST 2007

Server A has 4 PRIs coming into it, and provides a SIP connection to
Server B. When we call into server B via a DID from one of Server A's
PRIs, we get crackly sound on recorded playback only (prompts, IVR,
voicemail instructions, etc.), but not on actual live voices once you're


Server A provides this same service to other servers and problem does
not appear in those cases. But when we call into server B via another
DID provider, the problem is gone, which seems to rule out any issues
specific to server B (high cpu load etc.).


Furthermore, if I place the call directly via sip instead of dialing
into it via the PRI, there's no crackle. But we have four PRIs and
problem occurs no matter which one we're calling into. And if it were a
PRI specific problem I'd expect it to be affecting all users, not just
the one case.


I've posted an example of the sound issue here:



Checking the web, I've only come across one other instance of this sort
and the user involved was unable to resolve it except by changing


It sounds like some sort of codec or mismatch issue, but both ends are
set to ulaw.


Codec: g711

Asterisk: 1.2.17

Hardware: TE412p

OS: CentOS



I've been investigating this issue for weeks and I'm totally out of
ideas, so any help or suggestions anyone could provide would be greatly



Jonathan Barratt


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