[asterisk-users] Purchasing a Sangoma A102 - should I get the hw echo cancellation or not?

Erik Anderson erikerik at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 13:37:11 MST 2007

Shortly, I'll be purchasing a Sangoma A102.  I'm wondering if I should
spring for the hardware echo cancellation circuit or not.  Upon
initial implementation, the 2 T1 Ports will be used as a passthrough
as we slowly transition off of a legacy PBX.  Eventually, we'll only
be using one of the ports, and will be providing VoIP service to a
bunch of SIP deskphones.

So - with that usage scenario in mind, is it worth the extra $800 for
the echo cancellation?

As a sidenote, I assume these cards are PRI-compatible, correct?


Erik Anderson

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