[asterisk-users] Softphone that supports central provisioning?

Senad Jordanovic senad at bicom.us
Mon Apr 23 11:37:59 MST 2007

Stephen Bosch wrote:
> Hi, Tzafrir:
> Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>> Dear Senad,
>> The setup program for your soft phone can be downloaded from here:
>> <a href="http://malwareserver.com/malware.exe">http://LINK</a>
>> During the setup you will be asked for configuration file. Please use
>> attached file.
> I tried this link, but it's broken. What gives?
> -Stephen-


Tzafrir is referring to possible link that user can receive from

Since I was referring to SYSTEM email message generated from within PBXware,
above is not possible without some serious hacking of the network, the box,
the chroot etc... If one is at that level it then becomes a criminal issue.


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