[asterisk-users] Asterisk+mISDN drops calls after 3-4 secs

Giorgio Incantalupo gincantalupo at fgasoftware.com
Mon Apr 23 06:29:14 MST 2007

I have an Asterisk box on a Debian distro with mISDN drivers.
I installed the new driver (0.3.1-rc30) on our pbx but since no voice 
was passing I decided to go back to old version (0.3.1-rc23).
Last friday everything seemed to work fine but now  every  incoming  
call  drops  after 3-4 seconds while Asterisk console is showing these 

Apr 23 12:42:39 DEBUG[7625]: chan_sip.c:2426 sip_hangup: 
update_call_counter(3) - decrement call limit counter
Apr 23 12:42:39 DEBUG[7625]: chan_sip.c:1379 __sip_ack: Acked pending 
invite 102
Apr 23 12:42:39 DEBUG[7625]: chan_sip.c:1401 __sip_ack: Stopping 
retransmission on '1fd7824840123666030e29a70d1d7739 at' of 
Request 102: Match 

Apr 23 12:42:39 DEBUG[6850]: chan_sip.c:1401 __sip_ack: Stopping 
retransmission on '3c26700f6ddd-eeq2u57j5kuf at snom320-00041324ABE7' of 
Request 112: Match Found
Apr 23 12:42:43 DEBUG[7625]: channel.c:3275 ast_generic_bridge: Didn't 
get a frame from channel: mISDN/1-1
Apr 23 12:42:43 DEBUG[7625]: channel.c:3550 ast_channel_bridge: Bridge 
stops bridging channels mISDN/1-1 and SIP/4-5079
Apr 23 12:42:43 DEBUG[7625]: chan_sip.c:2426 sip_hangup: 
update_call_counter(4) - decrement call limit counter
Apr 23 12:42:43 DEBUG[7625]: app_dial.c:1619 dial_exec_full: Exiting 
   -- AGI Script exten2.py completed, returning 0
Apr 23 12:42:43 DEBUG[7625]: pbx.c:2341 __ast_pbx_run: Extension 
0331514609, priority 1 returned normally even though call was hung up

Is there anybody who can help me?
Thank you all.


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