[asterisk-users] How can I improve call quality?

Adrian Marsh Adrian.Marsh at ubiquisys.com
Sat Apr 21 10:03:22 MST 2007

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the reply, I did forget to mention QoS, which is actually set
on the router.  However, the entire 2mb link is used solely by VoIP. The
phones are separated out onto a completely different L2 switch from any
PCs, which is connected to the 2Mb link.

I monitor the router stats via SNMP, and by "50% max bandwidth", I mean
that the maximum-concurrent bandwidth in use at any one time" has been
around 900kbps.

I'm interested more in what I can do on the A*K machines itself to
measure and improve quality.  For example, are there any tweaks to the
Zaptel driver I can make, that would help the Meetme function? Maybe
different codecs?

Adrian Marsh

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> Our 'net link is a dedicated 2Mb fibre connection (of which we have
> used 50% max bandwidth).  

Remember in computer terms this means that you used 100% of the 
connection, 50% of the time....  Your voice will loose out against the 
big data packets and spoil the voice quality big time

Ed W
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