[asterisk-users] gxp2000 expansion module blf leds not working

James FitzGibbon james.fitzgibbon at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 08:45:25 MST 2007

On 4/19/07, Zoilo Gomez <zoilo at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> Am I the only one using the GXP2000 expansion module?

I'm using one but I'm not terribly happy with it.  With firmware the
phone wouldn't boot, and with having the buttons configured for BLF
caused complete lockups on the phone requiring a power cycle.  It doesn't
reset mind you - the display looks fine until you realize that you haven't
received a call for 10 minutes.

GS tech support suggested disabling BLFs, so until an firmware fix is
available it's a sidecar of 56 speed dials to me.  Granted, it doesn't lock
up anymore either.  I'd love to downgrade to 1.1.2.x, but GS's firmware
isn't capable of doing that and the phone shipped with, so I'm kind
of stuck where I am right now.

As to your specific question, I am not sure what would cause this behaviour,
especially if on the phone that the sidecar is attached to the BLFs work.  I
assume that 'show hints' shows state for all your monitored extensions and
'sip show subscriptions' shows that the phone is actually subscribing to the
extensions you have assigned to each multifunction key.

If your problem isn't there, my gut says bad hardware.

I am also looking at the Aastra 57i with the 560 module, but I haven't
gotten one in to play with yet.  I've got a few 480i CTs and they are
performing well, both from a provisioning and usability perspective.  The
ability to do all changes via provisioning is nice, as right now I can
auto-provision changes to the GXP sidecar, but I still have to print up a
replacement button label and walk it over the the phone.  One concern is
whether I have 20 or less most frequently called numbers; if you have more
than 20 your operator will be page-shifting a lot (the 560 has 20 soft keys
and 3 fixed "change page" buttons).

Hope that helps.

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