[asterisk-users] [OT] OMG Verizon is terrible

Alan Bunch Alan.Bunch at udfc.com
Fri Apr 20 08:21:25 MST 2007

Remember the big lie with Verizon is not "The tech will be there at 
noon".  It is "Your FOC (Firm Order Commit) date is xxx"  The dates they 
give are neither Firm or Committed.  Just ask them.

As long as you remember, they are the Phone Company and you are just the 
customer. no body will be disapointed.

Do I sound a lil grumppy. 5 and half week for  fiber buildout quote.  
Yup, Im grumppy.


Lee Jenkins wrote:

> Steve Totaro wrote:
>> They are all terrible in their own way.  Don't you have someone you can
>> delegate the Verizon babysitting responsibility to?  I would consider
>> sales calls a little more important than being a babysitter.
>> Thanks,
>> Steve Totaro
>> http://www.asteriskhelpdesk.com
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>>> Had an appointment for these schmoes to come out and install another
>>> line.  Was supposed to be 8-12.  Its now 6PM and not even call.
>> Missed
>>> 3 sales calls waiting on these jerks.
>>> No wonder customers were jumping ship to Vonage.
>>> -- 
> Not on that day, I was the only one available unfortunately.

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