[asterisk-users] Failed to authenticate on INVITE

Rilawich Ango maillisting at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 19:38:25 MST 2007

  I have 2 asterisks with the following configuration.
asterisk server 1 (S1) has an user 9002
asterisk server 2 (S2) has an user 9003
Both users can make call to each other without problem.
Now I add both users to both servers, i.e.
asterisk server 1 (S1) has users 9002,9003
asterisk server 2 (S2) has users 9002,9003
When 9002 dials 9003, Dial(SIP/9003 at S2) or visa versa.  Both processes
failed to make call with the following error.
Apr 16 11:55:41 NOTICE[19658]: chan_sip.c:9802 handle_response_invite:
Failed to authenticate on INVITE to '"9002"
<sip:90002 at>;tag=as2ff0c493'
Any solution to let them call each others?

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