[asterisk-users] AudioCodes MP-104 MGCP?

J. David Bavousett David.Bavousett at alc.org
Thu Apr 19 09:29:04 MST 2007


We are trying to get Asterisk up and happy at our site-we tried VOIP
using Sphere about a year ago, spent a *boodle* on expensive hardware
and services from a local "expert", but it never was happy. 

I'm brand-spanking new at VOIP, and I've learned a *ton* getting
Asterisk breathing in the last couple of days.  I have three Polycom
Soundpoint IP 500 SIP phones, which are all working wonderfully, when
talking to each other.  Voicemail seems happy, too....Now to get it
talking to the outside world.

In our previous trial, we purchased an AudioCodes MP-104 MGCP gateway.
I'm supposing that something needs to be set up in mgcp.conf for it, but
what I've tried just hasn't worked.  Here's what I have:


port = 2427
bindaddr =

host =
callerid="Incoming Line 1"
line => aaln/1


In the Asterisk CLI, I'm getting "NOTICE[12321]: chan_mgcp.c:1656
find_subchannel_and_lock: Gateway 'mp104-1' (and thus its endpoint '*')
does not exist"...several of them, every few minutes.  

Is there someone out there who wouldn't mind sharing relevant sections
of the .conf files to get this thing *basically* working?  Incoming
calls should fall on a specific extension (199), outgoing should be
accessible by keying 9+the number.  All our long distance, 1-800
outbound, etc, all go out the same four lines...this is a *simple*

Apologies if this is something that's been answered before, or if I've
just missed the link I need, and thanks in advance for any assistance
you can give.  Our old PBX has perished, and I need to get this
breathing *quickly*.

J. David Bavousett
System Administrator
Abilene Library Consortium 

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