[asterisk-users] Polycom IP 501 is displaying wrong time

Chris Mason (Lists) lists at masonc.com
Thu Apr 19 06:10:11 MST 2007

If your phone is getting its parameters by DHCP from a linux server, add 
the NTP server option  to that server:
in /etc/dhcpd.conf
option time-servers   ;

If your phone is getting an NTP server setting by DHCP server, you can't 
override that from any setting. I came across this where a polycome 501 
was connected to the internet directly and comcast was setting NTP to 
10.10.x.x, which was ridiculous. Their tech support could never 
understand why this was a problem and would not address the problem 
despite repeated calls.

If there is no setting for NTP in your DHCP server, for example if you 
have a linksys router for your network, you can set the DHCP server in 
sip.cfg and set the offset in seconds. The offset for AST is -14400 for 

If you are configuring by web browser, you can set the timezone and ntp 
server that way.

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