[asterisk-users] Trigger for unavailable SIP peer

0xception 0xception at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 23:35:58 MST 2007

I just finished up a perl script that connect via the * AMI and triggers
actions based when events fire. The triggers are then defined in the a
triggers.conf file and point to an action defined in actions.conf, these
actions can be any command line application.. pulling data from events is as
simple as sticking a {Param} in the command ... ie an action can look like
this :  SIPStatus => perl ./mycustom_script.pl -p {Exten} {Status} -a

again that's just an example, there's more info on the forums about it, and
it's still just a rough script using the AMI but for what i need it works

On 4/18/07, Yuan LIU <yliu11 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >From: dave cantera <david.cantera at iacnet.net>
> >Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 00:11:09 -0400
> >
> >cf,
> >I haven' t used the * manager... but from research, that is how I would
> >expect to do it...  I would have a cron job fire off  every 5 minutes (or
> >so, probably configurable) and connect to * via the manager, request the
> >status, then send an email based on the result... would be pretty easy...
> >could look into it if you would like...  email me off list...
> >daveC
> If you are inclined to use cron, manager interface would be an overkill.
> You can easily query either AstDB (database show, database showkey) or sip
> show user via asterisk -rx and parse the result.
> Yuan Liu
> >C F wrote:
> >>I use qualify in sip.conf and need to setup a trigger when asterisk
> >>sees it as unreachable, so that I can either drop a call file, or send
> >>an email, or both. How can I do that?
> >>
> >>Thank you
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