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are you using PoE or power supplies?
As power supllies usually are not grounded it could be that it's comming
from the power source.

You could try using a grounded PoE switch or probably a power backup to test
if this is the case.



On 3/30/07, Louis-David Mitterrand <vindex+lists-asterisk-users at apartia.org>
> Hello,
> We are at wit's end on this. One (and only one) of our five asterisk
> installation is giving us real headaches. Buzzing and/or choppy sound
> interfere with conversations. I recorded some conversations with
> monitor() and no problem whatsoever appear in the recording, while the
> local user was hearing the buzz and half my words.
> This is a 1.2.16 installation with mISDN but mostly using SIP to our
> central PRI-equipped asterisk. Phones are Polycom 430, 601, Cisco 7960,
> 7912 all to the latest firmware.
> We tried everything: changing the switch, network cards, auditing every
> network drop with fluke, re-certifying our wan, swapping some phones to
> no effect.
> Has anyone gone through that ordeal?
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