[asterisk-users] Connection between Asterisk - Cisco 2851

Pavel Jezek pavel.jezek at i.cz
Tue Apr 17 23:54:58 MST 2007

callmanager can also be running in ios firmware in router (callmanager 
express), with near all funcionality as server version...

Adam KOSA wrote:
> Antonopoulos Angelos wrote:
>> Thanks for your help..But i dont know yet whether is CCM embeded on 
>> cisco 2851 or it is an extra element? 
> Practically speaking, CCM is a standalone pc with software on it.  Or 
> maybe two, which are called publisher (master) and subscriber (slave). 
> It's not embedded on the router.  They are usually hp rack mountable 
> servers, but you may install the CCM software on any hardware, at your 
> own risk.
> hope this helps.
> best regards
> adam
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