[asterisk-users] Zaptel problems in Fedora 6

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Tue Apr 17 13:52:18 MST 2007

On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 23:25 +0300, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

> My guess: timing. 
> Remove all the calls to ztcfg from modprobe.conf, use a proper init.d
> script, and you won't need to modprobe anything except wctdm .

On my system at least, there is nothing in modprobe.conf at all
regarding zaptel or any of its accompanying modules. All the module
loading is done by direct "modprobe" commands in the init.d script,
which in turn is automatically created by "make install". Then there is
the /etc/sysconfig/zaptel file (read by the init.d/zaptel script) that
declares which modules to load. All I know is, when I declared only
wctdm in there, the Digium card did not work. I had to add wctdm24xxp as
well. The symptoms of "not working" were simply that the zap module
would not load; there were no "zap" commands in the console.


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