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Stephen Wingfield steve at bicom.us
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Asterisk is several years proven with many tens of thousands of testimonies.
Ours include deployments on all seven continents and some very large ones as well.
Please contact me offline if I can assist specifically.

Successful deployment though depends on many factors not least the competency of the person installing. We have had to put together quite a few rescue packages where the customer was left with an installer that had disappeared.
Your choice of Interface will be an important decision for the customer on a day-to-day basis and you need to consider the desktop tools such as softphone, online messaging, fax and sms if you are to compete directly with the incumbants.

Where you will always exceed the incumbants is flexibility.
You may wish to look at OutCall that we release recently as source and see if it will assist you in integrating with clients exisitng legacy softwares, not just Outlook but possibly proprietary as well.


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  Hi all,


  We are an ISP in Switzerland using only Asterisk boxes for VoIP and we are looking for others companies using Asterisk too to prove to our clients that Asterisk is a stable solution used by other big companies. 


  Thanks a lot for your help,


  Thomas Deillon

  Telecom Engineer



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