[asterisk-users] Recommended hardware

Steve Totaro stevetotaro at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 16 17:56:50 MST 2007

phil.dawson at marnock.com wrote:
> Still finding my feet here.  I need a server which can take approx 100 sip
> users accessing 24 channels through pri.  Approx 20 concurrent calls.  6000
> calls a month.  Are there any "rules of thumb" when it comes to sizing
> hardware.  I've checked the wiki but nothing close to what I need plus some
> of the information is really old now and may not be relevant.  Also, what
> server platform ( rackmount) would you recommend that work with Digium
> cards  (IBM, COMPAQ) ??  Anyone have any recommendations please.
> I've read Digium cards work ok with PCI-X.  Anybody used this
> configuration?
> Any feedback greatly appreciated.
> Phil.

I like the IBM X306.


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