[asterisk-users] duration sec and billing sec in cdr

Trevor Peirce tpeirce at digitalcon.ca
Mon Apr 16 09:24:23 MST 2007

Adam KOSA wrote:
> this is what's most likely as i have no experience in asterisk 
> configs.  I've checked the extension.conf settins, they are:
> exten => _94./_5[05][15],1,Playback(please_wait)
> exten => _94./_5[05][15],n,Set(CALLERID(name)=my_voip_username)
> exten => _94./_5[05][15],n,Dial(SIP/00${EXTEN:2}@voipstunt)
The Playback is your problem... you need to add |noanswer to the end of 
that to prevent it from automatically answering the call before it plays 
that recording.


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