[asterisk-users] 601 Rebooting/Crashing seems to be due to full directory

J French hikenboots at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 12:09:11 MST 2007

We were adding contacts to the directory successfully and when we got top
approx. contact #45, the phone now reboots when we change a speed dial index
or delete a contact from the directory.

To gain more memory in sip.cfg, I set: <directory dir.local.volatile.2meg="0"
dir.local.nonVolatile.maxSize.2meg="20" dir.local.volatile.4meg="1"
dir.local.nonVolatile.maxSize.4meg="42" dir.local.volatile.maxSize="100"/>

The phone's rebooting behavior persisits.  I know that changes will be wiped
out on reboot, right now I'm just trying to stabilize the phone.  Do I need
to reformat the file system to clear the nvram or something like that?

Running sip  Any help is really appreciated!
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