[asterisk-users] Fax with Asterisk + Hylafax

Jose Limeres jlimeres at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 11:10:58 MST 2007

Anybody lucky with this config inside an Asterisk server for dealing with

FXO_LINE   ----> ASTERISK 1.4.2 ---> IAXMODEM ------>  HYLAFAX
TDM400P            ZAPTEL
1 FXO port          1.41

I know Fax is not officially supported on TDM400P cards but I did not expect
not being able of sending one single Fax.
Actually when I try to send a Fax, the call is established between my *
server and the remote Fax but after 30 secs Asterisk disconnects the call
and Hylafax reports NO CARRIER DETECTED.

Tried playing around with a few parameters such as no echocancellation, alaw
(also slinear) codec, faxdetection =incoming in zaptel but with no luck.

Jose Limeres
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